Butter(Feel free to sing along!)

Crisco Kid –
Was a friend of mine,

Crisco Kid –
Was a friend of mine,

Cakes and cookies tasted so divine,
Chicken Tofu perfect every time!

But then I found out something really weird,
Revealed some dark and deep seated fears.

Crisco made the arteries really clogged,
Not unlike a swampy marshy bog!

Heart disease, stroke and diabetes,
It all somehow seems so needless,

Crisco Kid –
Another disappointment,
Capitalistic methods for exploitment! (Yes, I made up the word!)

So the question begs,
What is really real??

How is health
Restored to the people?

Olive, Coconut, Butter through generations,
Tastes better than Crisco and uplifts the nations!

Well… Well… Well…

Well… Well… Well…!!!

Crisco Kid
Ain’t no friend of mine!

Country Crock – Ain’t no friend of mine!

Margarine – Ain’t no friend of mine!!

I Can’t Believe – Ain’t no friend of mine!!! ………..

This fun poem/song remix focuses on Crisco and all hydrogenated oils, but it also addresses the oil and fats industry and how the public has been brainwashed into believing that certain high-quality saturated fats like butter, ghee and coconut oil cause weight gain and disease, and vegetable oils like corn, soy, and safflower oils are good for you.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is, good quality fats like extra virgin olive oil, virgin and extra virgin coconut oil, and pure butter from pasture raised cows are better for you and actually promote health and vitality in your entire body. This includes your digestive system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system and nervous system, among others. Following is a very brief breakdown of how wonderful these fats are and how they nourish your body and restore health:

  1. Digestive System: When we eat low fat foods or the wrong kinds of fats like hydrogenated and vegetable oils, we become malnourished and crave more foods – especially starchy and sweet foods. It is precisely these starchy and sweet low fat foods that have contributed greatly to the epidemic of obesity and chronic disease in the USA. By contrast, a diet rich in high quality fats like coconut oil can actually help the body be nourished and the appetite satiated. When the diet is low in carbohydrates and higher in good fats like coconut oil, the body will burn fats directly and help increase metabolism. In turn, weight loss may occur more easily and chronic illness patterns like pre-diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, gas, bloating, and even constipation may be resolved. The bottom line: Fat does not make you fat!
  2. Cardiovascular System: We’ve been taught that saturated fats like butter and coconut oil will clog the arteries, create a pattern of high cholesterol, hypertension and atherosclerosis, and thereby cause heart attack, stroke and other chronic circulatory disorders. In truth, it is the low fat diet that is replete with refined starchy and sweet foods, along with most vegetable oils that create the inflammatory processes in the cardiovascular system, in turn leading to these imbalances. A Mediterranean diet that includes high quality fish oils, olive oil and butter from pasture-grazed cows prevents cardiovascular disease and increases vitality. And cholesterol becomes largely a non-factor for most people, because it has been recently discovered that moderately high cholesterol levels are not risk factors for CVD after all! The bottom line: High quality fats are essential for great circulation!
  3. Endocrine System: Continuing briefly the discussion about cholesterol, this is one of the substances that is vital to the proper functioning of the endocrine system. Our bodies make the bulk of cholesterol, which is a hormone in and of itself, and relatively small amounts are contributed via the diet. Certain fats – especially fats like butter, ghee, fish oils and virgin/extra virgin coconut oil – can be catalysts to help the body produce and maintain the proper ratio of hormone activity in the body to keep the entire endocrine system balanced. This is true especially for children and expectant/lactating mothers, but applies across the board to all people. The bottom line: High quality fats are essential for proper functioning and balance of the endocrine system.
  4. Nervous System: Here, we refer to the brain and spinal cord – the body’s computer system. High quality fats like fish oils, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and nuts like walnuts are essential for brain functioning! These not only help develop and maintain the ability to focus and sharpness of mind, but they also help prevent debilitating illnesses like Alzheimers Disease, also known as Type 3 Diabetes. And for growing children, no diet should be without a good amount of these fats. Children need carbs, veggies, fruits, proteins and plenty of fat in their diet. This can help prevent or address disorders like Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum disorder, or malnutrition. The bottom line: High quality fats help create and maintain proper brain functioning.

Our ancestors knew what to eat in order to be as healthy as possible, even before the advent of modern medicine. Honoring some of those traditions, especially the high quality fats, may surely contribute to greater health, more vitality, and longer life. And nature always provides the best to bring about and maintain balance, health and wholeness.

But don’t take my word for it – at least not yet. Check out these books and website links first – and then throw the Crisco, margarines, and bottled vegetable oils away, and replace them with the real food fats: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, butter from pasture-raised cows, avocados and whole nuts and seeds.

If you have questions or need more help with this, please contact me.


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